Gentleman 3 - Walnut

Normal Price : IDR 22,600,000

IDR 11,299,000

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  • Gentleman 3 Watch Winder - Walnut Finish
  • Gentleman Watch Winder for 3 Automatic Watches
  • Winds up to 3 Automatic Watches, with 5 Additional Watch Compartments
  • Terdapat kunci di penutup untuk mengamankan jam tangan
  • Dapat menyimpan hingga 8 jam tangan (putar dan tidak putar)
  • Dipercantik dengan lampu LED dan kaca pembesar
  • Gentleman 3 Watch Winder dengan Walnut Finish


Milford Gentleman

The Gentleman Watch Winder series by Milford is one of our favorite product lines! Made with the finest quality material - Walnut veneer, matte finishing, and luxurious soft suede, this watch winder will take good care of your automatic watches and make them stand out with the magnifying display window!


Digital Control Panel

Enigma Watch Winder Control Panel


Each one of the watchwinders in the Milford Enigma can have its rotation direction and TPD (Turns-Per-Day) individually programmed via a central control panel. With the right setting, you can make sure that your automatic watch is optimally winded according to your watch's recommended specification. 



Magnifying Display Window

 Magnifying glass on Milford Gentleman 3 Watch Winder

You can proudly showcase your favorite automatic watch with the magnifying display window that highlights your watch's unique features.


LED Lights

Comes with LED lights that can be turned on/off to illuminate and beautifully showcase your automatic watch collection.


Watch Holder

 Milford Watch Winder Watch Holder

The Milford watch holder has a patented click-and-lock system that securely fastens your watch to the watch winder so that it does not fall off. The watch holder has a spring-loaded mechanism that adapts to various watch strap / chain sizes. The watch holder is lined with high-quality soft suede that is friendly to leather, rubber, silicon, nylon straps, and stainless steel, ceramic chains.



Milford Gentleman Watch Winders come with a security lock to keep your automatic watch collection away from thieves and mischeveous hands.



DC Adaptor 120V - 240V.



 Milford Watch Winder Luxurious Packaging

The watch winder is wrapped in a finely-made gift box which is suitable for gift-giving.


1 Year Warranty

The watch winder comes with a 1 year warranty that covers electronic and rotor damage.


Gentleman 3 - Walnut

Normal Price : IDR 22,600,000

IDR 11,299,000

Discount 50%

Buy  unit

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