Classic 2 - Black Leather

Price : IDR 10,000,000

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 Shown in video: Milford Classic - 2 Watch Winders in Black Leather Finish


Milford Classic Watch Winder

The Classic Watch Winder series by Milford comes with customizable rotation direction and TPD (turns per day) settings. These settings are easily adjusted with user-friendly analog controls. The Classic Watch Winder is designed for the modern gentleman who wishes to take good care of his automatic watch but at the same time wants the practicality of analog control watch winders.


High-Quality Leather Finish

The watch winder is wrapped with high quality faux black leather, and the interior is wrapped with silkline, which is our custom material that resembles silk and is friendly to your watch strap.


Rotation Mode

The Milford Classic watch winder is controlled with a set of analog switches that controls the TPD (turns per day) and rotation direction.


Watch Pad - Flexi-Pad

The watch pad is made of flexi-pad that adapts to the size and shape of the watchband. The flexi-pad material will not stick to or damage leather, steel, ceramic, cloth and rubber watchstraps.


Power Source

The Milford Classic watch winder can be powered by either battery only, electric adaptor (110V – 240V) only, or both battery and electric adaptor.


1 Year Limited Warranty

All Milford watch winders are covered by a 1 year limited warranty. See our warranty page for more details.

Classic 2 - Black Leather

Price : IDR 10,000,000

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