Cascade 8 - Walnut

Price : IDR 6,900,000

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  • Milford Cascade 8 dengan Walnut Finish
  • Dapat menyimpan maksimal 8 jam tangan
  • Memiliki laci untuk menyimpan barang berharga Anda
  • Penutup memiliki kunci pengaman


Milford Cascade

Milford Cascade is a watch box made of Walnut wood, with its interior lined with black velvet. This watch box can hold 8 watches, and several accessories in the drawer below the watch compartment. The watch pillows from the watch compartment can be taken out to store rings, cufflinks, car keys, etc.


Watch Pillow

 Milford Watch Box Black Watch Pillow

The watch pillows are lined with high quality black velvet that is very soft and friendly to leather, rubber, silicon straps, and also stainless steel, gold, ceramic, titanium watch bands. The material is designed to protect your watch from scratches and oxidation.



The Milford Cascade watch box comes with a security key to protect your watch collection.



 Milford Watch Winder Luxurious Packaging

The watch box is packaged nicely in a gift box - making it suitable for gift givings.

Cascade 8 - Walnut

Price : IDR 6,900,000

Buy  unit

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