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Watch Winder Safe

A watch winder safe is a safety box that is burglar-resistant and/or fire-resistant, comes with a lock, and houses built-in watch winders.

A watch winder safe with good burglar resistance is usually heavy enough to deter thieves from carrying it away, shielded with drill-resistant material, and have a sturdily-built door that cannot be pried easily.

A safe with good fire resistance usually have high quality fireproof fillings that is heat resistant, and are well constructed so that the safe will not bulge when exposed to high heat and material expansion.

A good lock on a watch winder safe usually comes from a reputable safe lock brand, is durable enough to last for decades, easy to operate, and in case of electronic locks, tamper-proof.

All BillStone Luxurious Watch Winders Safes come with a built-in wooden cabinet with drawers and watch winders with durable motors. Our safes are designed for high-end watch owners who want to have a peace of mind while leaving their precious watch collection at home.


Safety Box for Automatic Watches

BillStone Luxurious Safety Boxes are designed with one purpose in mind: to protect and maintain automatic watches. We understand that you worked hard to buy your automatic watch collection, and even waited years on authorized dealers’ waiting lists! Leaving your watches at home on a long vacation can sometimes be nerve-wrecking when you think of all the possible catastrophe that can happen like a fire breaking out or a burglar running away with your watch collection.

Our safety boxes come with 50-70 mm thick walls with fire-resistant barrier that will protect the content inside the safe in case of fire, and drill-attempts. Our safes are also equipped with state-of-the-art digital locks that are usually used in banks. These digital locks are easy to open with the right password, and provide protection against forced entry or digital hacking.

The watch winders inside our safety box will keep your automatic watches moving so that the internal mechanism are always in tip-top condition. Buy a BillStone safety box today, and give your automatic watches the protection they deserve.