Established in 2011, BillStone first started out as a luxurious safe manufacturer producing fireproof and burglarproof safes with built-in watch winders. The luxurious safes are manufactured with beautiful exterior and interior finishing so that automatic watch owners can proudly show off their watch collection. 


Due to customers' requests for smaller and portable watch winders, we launched our BillStone Watch Winders product line in 2012. These are watch winders made with exotic wood which has the same luxurious feel to our safes.


In 2015, we launched the BillStone Watch & Jewelry Box product line to cater to a wider customer base.


In 2017, we launched the Milford Watch Winders product line, which is an even more upscale watch winder product. These watch winders are made with even more luxurious interior linings and wood to cater to first class clients who demand nothing short of excellence.


Still in 2017, BillStone started to expand its brand name overseas, reaching the North American, European, Middle East, and Asian market. We now have our distribution centers in USA, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.


By paying attention to product quality and customer satisfaction, BillStone has come to be a brand trusted by watch collectors all over the world.


Our Team

Our team comes from strong engineering and design backgrounds including manufacturing and design in one of Europe's top watch winder brand, VVIP aircraft retrofitting service in Seattle - USA, and panic-room engineering & manufacturing in Asia.


Together, our team produces excellent watch winders with the highest quality.

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